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Residential Flood Program 

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Since standard homeowners insurance doesn't cover flooding, it's important to have protection from floods associated with hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy rains and other conditions that impact our communities.

As a homeowner or a unit owner it's important to insure your home and contents. Depending on your property location, your home is either considered in a high-risk, or moderate-to-low risk flood area your insurance premium will vary accordingly. If your home is in a high-risk flood area and you have obtained a mortgage through a federally regulated or insured lender, you are required to purchase a flood insurance policy. There is no waiting period for these policy's on the other hand if your home is in a moderate-to-low risk area you have  a mandatory 30 day waiting period before the policy goes into force.

Residential coverage gives you up to $250,000 of insurance to protect your building and up to $100,000 to protect your contents. Beyond these maximum limits above we recommend the purchase of an excess flood policy from one of our private carriers.

Residential Preferred Risk Policy
Preferred Risk Policy for contents and residential buildings located in moderate-to-low risk flood zones, the Preferred Risk Policy offers flood insurance protection at considerable savings over the Standard Flood Insurance

A low cost Preferred Risk policy premiums start at $57.00 for $8,000 Contents Only; $20,000 Buliding and $8,000 is only $129.00 for minium coverage. See the rate charts below.

Eligibility-Preferred Risk Flood Policy

  • Building must be located in a moderate-to-low flood risk zone (B, C, X) as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Individual residential condominium units in a residential building.
  • Individual residential condominium unit owners in a non-residential condominium buildings are eligible for contents only.
  • Residential Condominium Associations are not eligible for a preferred risk policy.
  • Additional eligibility requirements may apply.


   A $1,000 deductible applies to contents only polices and Building and contents polices



                                                                                                     Preferred Risk Contents Only Coverage
                                                                                            Options and Premiums


                                   Coverage / Annual Premium
      Contents Located Above Ground                              All Other Locations
        Level More Than One Floor                              (Basement Only Not Eligible)
                Premiums                 Contents Limits                     Premiums               
                    $57                             $8,000                                  $79
                    $75                           $12,000                                 $106
                  $110                           $20,000                                 $147
                  $126                           $30,000                                 $168
                  $140                           $40,000                                 $187
                  $153                           $50,000                                 $207
                  $167                           $60,000                                 $226
                  $194                           $80,000                                 $248                  

Preferred Risk Building and Contents Coverage
Options and Premiums

                                     Coverage / Annual Premium
        Without Basement or Enclosure                With Basement or Enclosure
                   Premiums         Building / Content Limits          Premiums
                       $129                  $20,000 / $8,000                    $176
                       $183                  $30,000 / $12,000                  $211
                       $240                  $50,000 / $20,000                  $269
                       $281                  $75,000 / $30,000                  $315
                       $312                $100,000 / $40,000                  $346
                       $334                $125,000 / $50,000                  $368                        $356                $150,000 / $60,000                  $390
                       $390                $200,000 / $80,000                  $429