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Coverage Limitations

Flood insurance coverage is limited in area below the lowest elevated floor (this includes crawlspaces) depending on the flood risk zone and the date of construction (note refer to Part III, Section A.8 in your policy) and in basements regardless of the Zone, or date of construction. As illustrated below, these areas include A. Basements, B. Crawlspaces under an elevated building, C. Enclosed area beneath elevated buildings elevated on a full story foundation walls that are sometimes referred to as "Walkout Basements", and D. Enclosed areas under other type of elevated buildings.

Coverage limitations apply to "basements" which are any area of the building, including a sunken or sunken portion of a room, having it floor below ground level on all sides.


When a building is elevated on foundation walls, coverage limitations apply to the "crawlspace" below.


C. ELEVATED BUILDING ON FULL STORY FOUNDATION WALLS (above)Coverage limitations apply to the enclosed (lowest Floor) even when a building is constructed with what is sometimes called a "walkout basement" 
Coverage limitations apply to"elevated areas" at ground level under an "elevated building." An elevated building allows water to flow freely under the living area above, thus putting less strain on the building in the event of flooding. An "enclosure" is the area below the lowest elevated floor that is fully shut in by rigid walls.